Commentary on the Book of Esther
By Matthew Henry

We find in this book, that even those Jews who were scattered in the province of the heathen, were taken care of, and were wonderfully preserved, when threatened with destruction. Though the name of God is not in this book, the finger of God is shown by minute events for bringing about his people’s deliverance. This history comes in between Ezra 6 and 7.


Chapter 1

  • The royal feast of Ahasuerus
  • Vashti’s refusal to appear
  • The king’s decree

Chapter 2

  • Esther chosen Queen
  • Mordecai discovers a plot against the king

Chapter 3

  • Haman seeks to destroy the Jews
  • He obtains a decree against the Jews

Chapter 4

  • The Jews lament their danger
  • Esther undertakes to plead for the Jews

Chapter 5

  • Esther’s application received
  • Haman prepares to hang Mordecai

Chapter 6

  • Providence recommends Mordecai to the king’s favor
  • Haman’s counsel (unintentionally) honors Mordecai

Chapter 7

  • Esther accuses Haman
  • Haman hanged on his own gallows

Chapter 8

  • Mordecai is advanced
  • Esther makes suit for the Jews. Mordecai honored
  • The joy of the Jews

Chapter 9

  • Esther makes suit for the Jews
  • The feast of Purim in remembrance of this

Chapter 10

  • Greatness of Ahasuerus
  • Mordecai’s advancement

Chapters 1 and 2